Jinka is a perfect pop experimentalist who is not daunted by taking things into unexplored territory, and once again her bizarre, futuristic experiments have paid off.

Taken from her upcoming EP Dr. Ara, "Wonderland" is a cacophony of different genres that she mashes together in perfectly eccentric fashion. There's everything from glistening pop vocals melodies to mad Prodigy-esque breakdowns that interject when you least expect them, as Jinka makes sure she keeps you on your toes so you're continually guessing where she's going to take you next.

Describing the track in her own words, the futuristic pop scientist says "'Wonderland' is an allegory for the place we want to be in very badly even if we don’t know what or where it is and nobody is actually able to give us reliable answers to these questions. Although we know exactly that this place doesn’t even exist we keep looking for it. We should’t allow rationality to stop us from doing so because this paradox as well as our tendency to fall for illusions are the main sources of vigor and creative energy."

Jinka continues to show her intergalactic pop vision and proves that she has the secret ingredient that makes the bizarre and unexpected work in her favour.

"Wonderland" is out now.