“Don’t Need To” sold Janice so well it landed her a record deal, and plans for an EP were pushed aside to work on the upcoming full length due later this year. “Answer” marks her third release and follows the effervescent and underrated “Secrets”.

Soulful yet sorrowful, Janice’s “Answer” can be heard as a letter to her father, Andrew, who passed away four years ago. The lyrics are sombre and matter of fact, the lines “I’m setting my tears to music / ‘cause I can’t seem to find words” stand out above the rest, a kind of acceptance that it is through this song and her music that Janice can continue to mourn.

As alumni of Stockholm’s Tensta Gospel Choir there’s evidently never been any doubt that Janice can sing, but like so many other alumni of the choir – Seinabo Sey, Lykke Li, Sabina Ddumba for example – it’s both the lyrics and the voice that mean so much together.

"Don't Need To" is out now.