It’s often the toughest of times that brings out the best in an artist’s creativity. Jango Flash proves with his latest track, and shows that it’s possible to conjure something uplifting and euphoric from the most tragic of situations.

Since experiencing the destruction of alcohol on a close family friend as well as the loss of his older brother, Jack has focused on channelling his experiences into the sparse, fuzzy tones and textures that define “Acting On The Telephone”. Huge guitar riffs, vocal chants and semi-orchestral arrangements are all aligned to form an incredibly triumphant track that rewards repeat listens.

“There’s no way I can sugar-coat a song after the most harrowing year of my family’s life,” says Golightly. “Writing and producing music has carried me through some of the hardest times and given me purpose. Now, my job is to share these explosive feelings with anyone who's frustrated at the world and feels the way I do... because I know I’m not the only one.”

“Acting On The Telephone” is out on 31 March. Find Jango Flash on Instagram.