James Parm has undoubtedly produced one of his most enigmatic tracks. Sounding a bit like Thom York warbling over an early 90s hip hop beat, "1 M" bops along at a hypnotising clip, aided by heavenly piano arpeggio and perfectly placed vibraphone.

"I'm a dying star in a landfill / In a factory lot I remain still," Parm sings, setting the psychedelic, dystopian tone before driving the instrumental through an audio shredder. There are several interesting risks taken from that point: he brings the entire track to a halt after several waves of dissonance distort the beautiful melody.

A long, hushed lull passes before Parm hops back on, with the beat now hammering in double-time, riding the weirdly catchy bridge like a madman atop a locomotive, hellbent that his wild musical tangent will somehow resolve itself.

Parm exhibits a huge amount of potential here and we look forward to hearing him excavate this trippy musical vein further.

“1 M” and Oh My Darling are released 5 April. Find James Parm on Facebook.