With "Hi", Indoor Pets pull out all the stops ensuring they pack in as many catchy hooks and jangly guitar riffs into the song as possible.

The track inhabits a similar self-deprecating humour akin to that of Weezer, where lead singer Jamie Glass' vocal delivery is exuberantly dead-pan adding to the all-encompassing power-pop streak that runs through the heart of the song.

Yet, it's when that explosive chorus blasts in that "Hi" soars to its montainous climax. The guitars bend and ring out with an ecstatic electric energy whilst the backing vocals create add a dreamy tenderness to it.

The song ultimately feels that it was made to soundtrack an all-American teenage movie, the kind where the characters who didn't quite fit into the school hierarchy at the beginning of the film end up being the ones who come out winning. This song is meant for that eventual moment of glory.

"Hi" is out now via Wichita Recordings and available to listen to on Spotify.