IDER are North London-based Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville who have been working on their project since moving in together last summer, and "Sorry" is the first fruits of their tireless efforts in their shared space.

The duo describe the song as being about "falling out of love with someone. It goes through the motions; beginning with a bit of doubt and ending with independence. Unlike most love songs it's about finding your own love for yourself. Despite the songs title, it's pretty unapologetic- it's just honest. "

"Sorry" has tinges of R&B in the finger-click percussion and rolling piano chords, yet the burbling electronics and the duo's instinctive and second-nature harmonies start to guide the song towards a more folk-influenced place. The hook is the track's closing mantra: "all my skin / I'm wrapped in / all I need", words of empowerment and renewal.

You can listen to "Sorry" below.

Photo courtesy of Lottie Turner