Following the autumnal melodies of “Petal” and the fuzzy melancholia of “Problem”, Hovvdy return with acoustic number “Cranberry” and accompanying VHS visuals. Signed to Double Double Whammy, the duo from Austin, TX mix elements of post-rock, emo and lo-fi with tender songwriting and introspective subject matter all under the umbrella of post-millennial indie sadness.

“Cranberry”, much like the other songs, is a quiet study of memory, reminiscent of fellow Texan’s Bedhead and Sub Pop’s Codeine. By omitting the often painful reality of remembrance, “Cranberry” transforms regret and self-accusations into a dream-like walk through time, peppered with sentimental moments and thoughtful reminders of better days.

Dealing in dreams and nostalgia is often a dangerous game as the possibilities of the past and desires for the future are precious commodities. Hovvdy, although in relative infancy, have ultimately managed to capture that timeless quality of evoking specific memories, each one explicitly individual to the listener. That skill could quite possibly be the closest thing to magic.

Cranberry is out 9 February via Double Double Whammy.