Having just recently toured with Brighton-based quartet FUR, Honey Moon are off to their next adventure with a buoyant new single, “Stop and Listen”. Accompanied by a retro music video that showcases snippets of rehearsal footage and live shows, the visual is a wholesome montage of Honey Moon’s best moments; amongst them beaming stage lights and (very on-brand) glittery foil curtains.

Following the success of stunning dream-pop singles, “If I Could Only Dream” and “Magic”, Honey Moon have bounced back as they strut jangle-pop goodness across this infectious new release. Paired with its quirky artwork, “Stop and Listen,” is a playful funk, feel-good ballad, that’s bound to boost your serotonin levels.

Dissecting the track in their own words, the band details, "It’s an upbeat stomper that tells the story of two people pulling in opposite directions throughout a fractious relationship. Born out of a period of negativity and frustration, writing and recording the song has been a cathartic process - one that has taken what was once a sensitive subject matter and bundled it into our own little sing-a-long anthem, all tied up with a soul-pop bow.”

“On a thematic level, "Stop and Listen" is for anyone who’s been through troubles and disagreements with friends, struggles with anxiety, control and inward reflection, but it’s also just for anyone who wants to dance!"

Despite analysing some of the often too relatable perils of anxiety and petty disagreements with friends and family, “Stop and Listen” joyfully erases those qualms with silky bass plucks and sing-along harmonies. Masking a darker and relatable message with a bright and hopeful hook, Honey Moon encourage not letting these imperfections get in the way of your happiness.

“Stop and Listen” is out now. Find Honey Moon on Instagram and catch them live at The Lexington on 26 February.