Following their debut EP Redevelopment, “Modern Yuppies” sees Home Counties experiment with their sound even further, with more electronics and post-funk hooks in a move towards a sound with more surrealism, tinged by a sardonic edge and politically-charged lyricism.

Singer Will Harrison explains, "'Modern Yuppies’ was one of the first new tracks to come out of writing in lockdown. We couldn’t get together to play and write as a full band with drum kit and all, which I think sent us in the way of drum machines. I also got hold of a second hand analogue synth on eBay. In my ignorance, I could only get really cheesy sounds out of it. ‘Modern Yuppies’ is sort of a consequence of that.”

“Lyrically, I was inspired by looking at the spoof Yuppies Handbook from the '80s and the clothes and objects that signified economic change towards ‘neoliberalism’, I thought it would be interesting to compare the symbols of capitalism today to those of the '80s, and how it reflects a different less optimistic feeling of economic progress," explains Harrison. "The whole song is sort of parodical of that time period - taking a stab at yuppie culture in the musical style of that period."

"Modern Yuppies" is out now via Alcopop! Records. Find Home Counties on Instagram.