Welsh singer/songwriter and producer Hana Evans emerged back in March with debut "Jealousy" marking a reinvention, rebrand, reimagination of who she wanted to be as a musician. Despite the name change, electro-pop has always been her thing, picking up early praise from BBC Introducing when she was only 14.

The HANA2K material is a more an evolution than a total rebrand and likely comes from the fact the older we get, the better we know ourselves. Working solo, Evans's sparse, melancholy lyrics read - or a least sound - like candid diary entries.

"It’s about being so close to somebody as friends [that] it's just not possible to take it further," Evans says of the new material. A self-imposed 'friend zone', if such a thing even exists, or just the knowledge that sometimes a good friendship standing the test of time is worth more than what may only be a fleeting romantic endeavour.

"Too Close" is out now.