Introduced by simple plucking and underpinned by sturdy beats, the track rises with the crest of Greta Jaime’s vocal, enveloping with a swell of lush synths and electronics that audibly shimmer.

“Your computer games have me running in both ways,” croons Jaime in a tone that is admirably understated in a chorus that could have easily been a boastful mirror to the end result. “Keeps me up, keeps me awake, overnight, all your mistakes.” With its alt-pop sentimentalities, it is a combination that wouldn’t go amiss if it were tucked into a Lorde live set.

"With ‘Computer Games’, I wanted to explore the idea of mind games,” explains Jaime of the inspiration behind the track. “[I wanted to] use the metaphor to talk about the intense necessity for communication that is sometimes unachievable, in a time with so much information and so many distractions."

"Computer Games" will be available everywhere on 29 June.