“Fall into my abyss” insists Grace Acladna, the command rippling with desire. The sparse production allows her lust to take artistic control, emboldened by a narrative of sensuality.

Inspired by her family's rich musical background of Egyptian choir mistresses and Bajan gospel singers, Grace Acladna lavishes her own artistic creations with dark pop melodies and glistening synth patterns. Dappled in milky moonlight, a twinkling piano and intermittent finger clicks pulsate across the midnight blue surface – her voice ringing with temptation and gospel prowess.

"I think that female sexual pleasure in heterosexual relationships can often take a back seat,” Acladna explains. “The song is seductive but the heart of it is about taking the lead in how one wants to experience sexual pleasure."

“Apnea” is out now via Hometown Records, alongside her EP Phonophobia. Find Grace Acladna on Facebook.