Revealed alongside her Self-Sabotage EP, "SOS" sees GRAACE pour her heart into her ethereal melodies to deliver a soothing pop offering.

Honest and intimate like a spoken diary entry, "SOS" combines GRAACE's layered angelic vocals over a luminous piano melody that develops into an endearing pop ballad.

Speaking on how she came to write tracks for her Self-Sabotage EP, GRAACE explains, "Most of the songs came together pretty naturally at the same piano and running off the tongue, every song started as me just riffing with some chords and kinda doing a journal entry through voice memos instead of writing something down in a diary like normal."

She adds, "It's so scary releasing such personal songs, especially knowing I wrote them in a small room. Me and my candles didn't think I'd ever share it for the outside world to listen to. I just hope people can listen and it can help some people know they're not alone in these situations if you're going through something like I did."

"SOS" and GRAACE's Self-Sabotage EP are both out now. Find GRAACE on Facebook.