Despite only having a solitary preceding single to her name, girlpuppy has been bestowed with a wizened maturity that belies her mere 21 years. Rooted in the ever-thriving Atlantan music scene, woman-behind-the-moniker Becca Harvey has been dutifully nurturing her skillset and opting instead to bide time until she had honed her sound into the perfect representation of vision.

With a childhood spent wishing to emulate the likes of Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift, her present compositions have more in common with the likes of Snail Mail, Soccor Mommy and Phoebe Bridgers than those aforementioned. As serendipity would have it, Harvey’s new single “Cheerleader” has in fact been produced by Bridgers' co-writer and drummer Marshall Vore, a sure quality stamp of approval for this budding artist.

Entering with soft and sullen strums of an acoustic guitar, it is clear from the off that Harvey has a way with words. “I always hate when you say to stop crying / Gemini moon and a Virgo rising / Give you the benefit when you start lying / Can’t help but think that there’s something you’re hiding,” she muses with a palpable resignation that this love is not an altogether rosy one. Striking a sombre rhythm under Harvey’s charmingly pure tone, it ultimately transpires that that atmospheric hunch was correct.

“This song was written remotely by me, Marshall Vore, and Ruby Henley freshly after a breakup,” shares Harvey. “I wrote this song about how I just want my dog back from my ex. I like the irony of my first song being a love song and my second single being a breakup song about the same person.”

"Cheerleader" is available now. Follow girlpuppy on Instagram.