Simultaneously nostalgic yet ultra-modern-sounding, "Baby Steps" is a playfully hypnotic ode to breaking the ice over a relationship about to blossom. A surprisingly dance-worthy beat is softened by gentle electronic blips, bursting out into an R&B-influenced chorus.

"'Baby Steps' is all about taking a leap of faith," Kjulsten explains of the track, released this Valentine's Day. "You like me, I like you. Let's not mess about! It's about taking reins of your romantic situation and go for it."

Girl Crush define their musical genre as "promcore", a reference to the American prom tradition and its skewed depiction of late childhood/early adulthood and the accompanying heartbreak and uncertain futures. The duo's project extends beyond the sonic sphere, with each track released accompanied by a limited edition piece of fashion merchandise.

"Baby Steps" is out now via Brilliance.