The multi-instrumentalist aka Jeremy Broad released his debut EP Spare Room at the beginning of their year. Since then, we've heard his cover of Drake hit "God's Plan", a tantalising duet created over a video call with Blossom Caldarone, and now "Flowers", which is set to be part of the next EP.

Raised by his artist mother and honey farmer father and homeschooled with his seven siblings, there was never a dull moment growing up. Moir's collage-like sound reflects his many skills – piano, guitar, synths, he's got a lot of bases covered.

"Flowers" is a jaunty ode to finally taking the hint and saying sorry. "I was in a pretty weird spot when I wrote it, I spent the week away from home and had a lot of time to think about my relationship and where things were at," Moir explains.

"[This song] is about stepping down from a high horse, humbling yourself and apologising. I came back from my week away and we made up and figured things out. Flowers symbolise the weighty topic but with a breezy lightness, and helped me shed the selfishness."

More new music is set to follow with his second EP arriving in 2021. The future looks bright for Moir as he continues to translates his whimiscal charm into infectious bedroom pop.

"Flowers" is out now. Follow George Moir on Instagram.