Using silver-toned synthesisers and reverb infused vocals, “Miss You (Under Shimokita Sky)” is a euphonious and entrancing track that wouldn’t sound out of place on an indie dancefloor. Drums are supplemented with electronic percussion, and when combined with the unique chord progression in the chorus, the trio transcend indie and electronic genres without simply blending the generic elements.

There's an effortless quality to the track, each element flowing organically into one another, owing in part to the rarely-deviating drums and smooth vocals.

Lyrically, subjects such as passing time and loneliness are touched upon, and they imbue the song with nostalgia as they're sung over retro-sounding synths. When speaking of the track, the band ask: "Have you ever lost yourself for a minute, purchased a ticket, got on a plane and travelled all the way to other side of the world just not to meet the love of your life?"

“Miss You (Under Shimokita Sky)” is out now. Find Garden City Movement on Facebook.