While the number of those affected by mental health continues to rise across the UK, so too do the number of people talking about it, and Gaffa Tape Sandy are a band that are putting their weight behind this message.

They describe their latest track as an “open embrace to anyone who finds it hard to talk about their mental health, and to serve as a reminder to check up on your loved ones in this busy stupid world.”

“We wanted the back-and-forth vocal play to feel and sound like a conversation,” the band says, “a playful way of communicating a message that we believe in. It’s important to be lovely to one another, and the people who have been lovely to us are the people who inspired this song.”

“Headlights” is the first track to be taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, and its catchy riffs, playful melodies and spirited pop-punk energy show we're in for more excitement later in the year.

“Headlights” is released 20 March via Alcopop! Records. They play Amersham Arms on 25 April, The Great Escape on 11 May and Top Of The Alcopop at The Dome on 17 May. Find more tour dates on Gaffa Tape Sandy's Facebook.