Prodigious percussion, rumpus drums and scintillating strings seesaw with scintillas of tropical tones and Eddie Gore’s saccharine vocal on “Just Pretend”. It's one of those tracks that demands a repeat listen; each turn revealing a fresh tidbit.

There’s a palpable warmth to not only the production but the subject matter, an uplifting sense that better times are round the bend; the sort of track that transports you to a lazy day on the beach with friends, which admittedly is quite a nice thought in dark and dank October.

“I think for everyone life can be frustrating at times,” says frontman Gore. “We’ve all been at a place where you question what you’re doing. Whether what you’re spending your time and effort on is going to be worth it all in the end. ‘Just Pretend’ is about how we deal with that frustration. The past year consisted of the most touring we’ve ever done.

“For a lot of reasons it was incredible, but it showed us our first glimpse of what it really means to go after your dreams. The moments of doubt for us can really only be quelled by doing what we love, pushing through those moments encompasses what ‘Just Pretend’ is all about.”

“Life is easy if you just pretend” they hum; undeniably providing the biggest take away that will easily ring in your ears for hours to come.

“Just Pretend” is out now. Find Future Generations on Facebook.