In true Fuoco fasion, the track is an explosion of pent-up emotion contained in a whirlwind of wild energy. A rabble-rousing anthem with a difference, "Drink Your Tears" builds from off-kilter refrains and weighted distortion through gang-chant vocals that entice even the most straightlaced to disregard composure and dive foot first into the fray. 

"The song is about the overwhelming urge to be self indulgent through expression and beliefs," frontman James Gale explains, "and how targeting the ignorant can be toxic for everyone. It is about that juvenility in all of us driven by popularity to gain the moral high ground as a mark of our intelligence and rank amongst other human beings."

"Drink Your Tears" is the first track to be shared from Fuoco's upcoming EP Kape Kinevil, a release drummer Toni Mennecillo describes as "a constant reminder that we are tip toeing along the borders of insanity, depravity and destruction. And now, more than ever, we’re all edging closer to Kape Kinevil."

"I guess the EP is about blossoming into adulthood," Gale offers with a little more clarity. "and being resentful of all the people you care about."

Kape Kinevil will be the debut release on Margate based label M8s Records. "Weʼre a CD label for mates, by mates," they state in their manifesto. "We want to provide a sexy, high quality format for a sexy, high quality community." And really, who can argue with that? 

Fuoco play a string of dates with Gang this week, beginning at The Waiting Room in London tonight. Full details of these shows can be found below. 


  • 6 - London, The Waiting Room
  • 7 - Brighton, The Hope & Ruin
  • 9 - Margate, The Tom Thumb Theatre
The Kape Kinevil EP is released via M8s Records on 13 January 2017 and is available to pre-order now.