"Lennon Loved Yoko" is a charmingly tender song layered with magical layers of dreamy synths, slinky undercurrents and infectious pop beats.

Throughout the song, the Swedish/Swiss 23-year-old explores that bizarre thing that happens when there's a real connection between two people, where all the sparks are flying and the stars should be aligning, but somehow it all becomes a jumbling, fumbling mess of awkwardness. The kind of situation where the attraction is so strong that it forces out the weirder parts of your character that you were hoping to hide away - we've all been there.

In his own words, Nicolas has described the inner frustration that underlies the song, "'Lennon Loved Yoko’ is about falling recklessly in love and the angst over fumbling every attempt at expressing it."

Yet, when Nicolas is coming out with lines such as "Fuck it I don't want to be your friend / God knows I ain't heaven sent / But I can try to be your Gentleman", you get the feeling that perhaps Nicolas isn't really a fool in love after all and he's really just trying to seduce you. Not that we're complaining.

"Lennon Loved Yoko" comes out this Friday 9th March.