Finding solace in music during his childhood in the Netherlands, Ferdous – who first achieved success as one half of pop duo Klyne – is now taking the time to focus on his individual musical identity.

Elevated by the strength of his soft yet impactful vocal delivery, the minimalistic offering is a transportive slice of R&B that wraps listeners within delicate layers of production. Inspired by a relatable longing to live in the present, “Tolerate” balances an intricate soundscape the sways seamlessly between melancholic and mellow.

Delving into the message behind the single, Ferdous says, “Tolerate is about trying to forget that someday you might lose the things that you cherish. It’s about trying to find worth and meaning in this digital wasteland we’ve been living in for the past decade."

The fear of loss that edges into the track is represented by a foreboding wooziness of the sonics which is cut sharply by the clarity of Ferdous’ vocals. Swirling with complex emotions yet grounding listeners in the moment, the track smooths away any anxiety with a laid-back sprinkle of synths.

Arriving with a selection of images from acclaimed photographer Nick van Tiem, Ferdous continues “As an artist, I have always been unconsciously affected by parts of my heritage, I wanted to highlight these things in the artwork. It’s also a way for me to express that I’m not defined by one simple thing or just one side of my background, no matter how much people want to categorize everyone and everything. I am what I choose to be and that can be many things, I put a high value on that in my life as a person and artist.”

With “Tolerate,” shaping up as a lush glimpse of his future music, Ferdous is making waves armed with creative freedom and the ability to craft vivid sonic tales.

“Tolerate” is out now. Find Ferdous on Instagram.