We are first treated to Fable’s powerful vocal command in the opening verse, presented as it is with seedy shadows and creeping trip-hop beats. This mood music is soon thrown against the wall - from the guttural yells and dirty guitar riffs that characterise the main hook to the floating fairy atmos of the middle eight and daring drum'n'bass-like rhythms at the close.

What ties these capricious compositions together is Fable’s alarmingly confident and enigmatic vocals, which are sure to keep attracting the public’s ears.

Speaking about the track, Fable says: "I wrote this track with a writer/producer I jam with just outside Brighton called Paul Steel, after hearing I fear a New World by Cold Crows Dead, a collaborative musical side-project between Paul and some close friends of his. 'I am You' was the first track we wrote together. The feeling behind the song came from my experience of living in a cultural machine you are a part of but feel alienated from. We live in Duality, however we look at life there’s always two sides to the coin, always an opposite contrast, how would you know up without down?

"Of course the very fact that we can recognise opposites means they cannot exist without each other, they are inseparable, connected to form the whole. It destroys the illusion of separateness we feel to each other, the planet and ourselves. The chorus lyrics ‘Savage in a murder system’ play on the past use of the word Savage as a detrimental term for cultures not integrated with the capitalist empires that have grown into what we know today, to show the irony in what happened. How it’s actually the system that is the savage, responsible for the murder of so many civilizations."

“I am You” is a bold and brilliant introduction to Fable’s debut album, Sacrilege, slated for release in early 2016.