Eva Lazarus has arrived. The Birmingham-born artist is readying the release of her second full-length studio album Brandy Kisses, a record which promises to be marinated in her rich catalogue of musical influences, from soul, to hip-hop and sound system culture. She’s already previewed two tracks from the album so far this year, the soaring, indulgent "Royalty" and the delicious self-care ode "How Am I Looking?"

On “Lessons”, though, Eva is at her most honest and self-assured. She reflects on her journey through a difficult path of self-worth, having struggled to come to terms with past mistakes. She sings now from a place of clarity, where she accepts her failures, rather than admonishing herself. She seems proud to take responsibility for her bad decisions even, confident in her understanding that “to err is human.”

“"Lessons" is about taking guidance from the things you regret,” Eva says. “How there is opportunity for growth and so much power in acknowledgement and accountability, how lying to yourself can be easy but often has painful results. To be honest with yourself isn’t always instantly comfortable but it is valuable, it makes you stronger, it’s true freedom.”

Sonically, you can tell that "Lessons" is an exercise in releasing oneself from the claustrophobia of guilt and shame. Though Eva’s vocals are powerful and tough, the song’s neo-soul rhythm is spacious and calming, like a large exhale after a deep breath.

The track also features a buoyant guest verse from fellow Birmingham artist Kofi Stone, who compliments the track with similarly incisive reflections on making errors and maturing in spite of them, he adds: “Never take the shortcut / ‘Cause you don’t want it quick / ‘Cause if it comes quick / It means it goes away quicker”, understanding that often times personal growth isn’t an instantly gratifying experience, and requires patience and reflection.

"Lessons" is another promising cut from a talent on the rise, one confident in her beliefs and identity. It’s this captivating personality that has already put Eva Lazarus on respected stages at Glastonbury Festival and London’s Omeara in recent months.

With the upcoming release of the expansive, 16-track Brandy Kisses, expect to see Eva recognised as a dexterous artist with an impressive arsenal of vocal capabilities and rapturous energy. With her warm instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics, Eva Lazarus seems like the kind of artist many will be magnetised toward. After all, when an artist has so much to say, it’s a pleasure to simply just listen.

"Lessons" is out now with the new album Brandy Kisses set for release on 8 September. Find Eva Lazarus on Instagram.