Woods has curated a truly bespoke '60s sound that bangs the drum for everything that's great about the Scottish music scene right now. Her retro sound is entirely unique: grouchy yet innocent, fully embodied yet ethereal.

The nostalgic visuals to her newest single "kill yer darlin" work to emblazon Woods' grungy, angelic spirit into the mind of the viewer. The fabricated aesthetic of the video works to hammer home Woods' melodies, which come equipped with virtuoso harmonies and clean, “Penny Lane”-esque horn arrangements. It's a pretty captivating four minutes, especially for a video that features little more than an empty theatre and a pair of badass snakeskin boots.

"This record has been a long time coming,” says Woods. “It’s had many faces but finally I’m thrilled to set it free to the world. I wrote ‘kill yer darlin’ a few years ago in my living room with just guitar and piano. It's been through the ringer since then and I’m now at peace with her."

Woods downplays the enormous appeal of the track, which is spawned from her new EP for which a Pledge Music campaign has attracted immense love from around the globe - another example of her spellbinding effect. The Emme Woods mantra is strong: words and music can change the world... and the world is listening.

"kill yer darlin" is out now. Find Emme Woods on Facebook.