As the chorus of "Two" breaks over you, it's like diving into a gorgeous swimming pool. The world around you muffles into hazy, sparkling blue. That's the immersion Martinsson's songwriting demands: suspension in her dazzling picture of perfection.

Martinsson explains the concept behind her single, saying: "I think it’s a really common thing: you have this amazing person in front of you, but all you can think about is how much it would hurt if you didn't. 'Two' is about putting that fear aside and jumping in anyways."

Martinsson's admirable musicianship did not spring from nowhere: as a teen, the singer's father pushed her to join one of Sweden's most widely renowned songwriting programmes, and it was with this guidance the young writer honed her craft. The experience also connected her with the support network required to write and release an EP – and thus her project was born. The record is due later this Spring, and promises more beguiling pop tracks brimming with that balance of heartfelt relatability and confident pop artistry.

"Two" is out now.