On "Surrender" Ellis May (the recording name of producer and composer Sophia Maj) sings of letting go and allowing one's self to be open to the love the world has to offer.


"I finished 'Surrender' a few months after my son's birth," Maj explains. "I was stressed about not maintaining my identity as a musician, and only having time to care for my child and family - I could stop being 'myself' but not stop doing what I do. The first time we looked into the eyes of our newborn, I could do nothing but surrender myself to the love, to the family, to making room for the undefined and the stuff that can´t be promised."

The track buzzes with an energy yet to be unleashed or channeled. Over low bass and the insistent tap-tap-tap of synth pulses, Ellis May switches between a bewitching croon and a high,whistling falsetto like a piercing wind chilling the bones atop a barren hill. "Surrender" may be about accepting love, but it doesn't mean Ellis May is moving completely away from an enticing darkness.

"Surrender" is out now.