Ea Kaya makes "Remedy" instantly addictive by way of a voice pitched somewhere between the drama of Sia and the attitude pop style of Zara Larsson or Fanny Andersen.

Aside from the terrific vocal, "Remedy" pops and bounces on clean, sharp percussion and stabs of synth strings, while the brightness in the track balances against the darker edges of its themes.

As Ea Kaya sings in the chorus "you can fuck it up if you want to / I still need you / I don’t give a fuck ’cause I want you / I still need you" it's apparent she's trying to find balance in a relationship and it's just slipping out of her grasp. "Remedy" is Ea Kaya's way of taking back control, while allowing herself to lose it once in a while.

"Remedy" is out tomorrow.