On new track "Hard To Love", the former member of DrewXHILL/Drew Hill shifts further away from that electronic sound into no-nonsense hard pop territory.

From a soulful and soft opening, Drew quickly shifts to intimately detailing the flaws in her relationship over crisp, thumping R&B beats: "I couldn't do the things I wanted / cuz you gave nothing...I still don't miss you when I walk out of the door." Yet as quickly as those biting lyrics fade, the singer becomes rueful as the aggressive beats are momentarily replaced by acoustic strums and Drew sings "I swear I was meant to love you..."

"Hard To Love" sits in that place within us all; a grey area where nothing you do is right or wrong, simply a human choice made in the moment. Vulnerable yet stoic, Drew has made something very, very honest and very, very good.

"Hard To Love" is out now.