No I don’t answer to you/And I’ve got nothing to prove’ snarls Loom vocalist, Tarik Badwan, over the thudding bass and rakish guitars of new track, ‘Acid King City’. It’s precisely that sort of endearingly aggro barb which has seen a throng of devout fans gravitate toward the Harbury quartet over the last six months.

Previous singles ‘Bleed On Me’ and ‘I Get a Taste’ sold out in the blink of an eye and LOOM have rather considerately made this one available in exchange for nothing more than your email address. Infused with their trademark primal drums and sawing guitar riffs, ‘Acid King City’ is their best crack at mapping the crunchy, sleazy garage-rock genome thus far. Producers John Coxon – of Spiritualized fame – and Pepper Andnly deserve a round of applause for capturing the essence of our favourite new young, angry men so succinctly you’re left nursing mild inner ear trauma by the time Tarik’s final savage rasps drown out.