Fresh from their last single, Darlia have unveiled the frolicking “Blood Money” from their upcoming Candyman EP.

BEST FIT PREMIEREBursting at the seams with the same boundless energy that has already won the three-piece the hearts of many, “Blood Money” is an instant crowd-pleaser. It’s large, it’s loud, and we’re loving it already. With squalling riffs and stadium-sized percussion, this is a song that rocks and rolls before leaving you reeling.

Sinister lyrics weave a web you can’t bear to shake free of, whilst cataclysmic rhythms and refrains create a track cursing with an electric energy you just know will prove dynamite on stage.

Can’t wait to see them live? Darlia perform at The Water Rats in London on 1 April, ahead of their EP release on 14 April.