The dusty Tarantino twang of “Silver Club” echoes the London fivesome's aim to mix their love of spaghetti western films with classic pop song structures. With a certain swagger of early Arctic Monkeys plus desert highway guitars, the track has a more sinister sound than the band's previous releases.

As the first single release from Creatures' forthcoming EP, “Silver Club” showcases the overall vision of Runt of The Glitter. “It combines vintage driven tones with vocals focussing on a current relevant topic about a love/hate relationship with the modern world,” say the band. “We created this song in a different way to the rest of the tracks in a sense that it starts off in a big and powerful way, which then changes dynamically for the chorus, creating a sense of grandness by switching to orchestral textures."

Creatures took their time to record the EP, hopping between different studios to create the sound they wanted. “This record was a labour of love for us,” say the band. “We’re really proud of the tracks and how they’ve evolved.”

“The order of the songs was chosen to create a journey that has a beginning, middle and end. Much like a film we wanted to take the listener somewhere sonically and therefore blended a mix of instrumental, intense desert riffs, romance, slow dance, trouble, loss, friend and faux.”

“Silver Club” is out now and Runt of The Glitter drops 22 February. Find all of Creatures' tour dates on their Facebook, including dates at The Crofters Rights, Bristol on 31 January, London's Oslo on 1 February and Heartbreakers in Southampton on 2 February as part of Independent Venue Week.