Ringing with guitars and, of course, Coco Bans' showstopping vocal, "Hell Yeah" documents a commitment to positivity through song. It follows two previous singles from the Iowa-born now France-based artist: this year's exuberant "Fighting Feathers" and last year's well-received debut, "Make It Up". It will feature on Coco Bans' forthcoming debut EP due out next week, titled Fantasy & Parables. The EP promises to adhere to the exuberantly distinctive sound with which fans will already be familiar, fleshing out her repertoire with three never-before-heard tracks.

"I grew up as one of three kids with a single mother. A world of food banks and hand-me-down clothes and the threat of losing all our possessions shaped my perspective," Coco Bans explains of the inspiration for the new track. "My mom would always say, 'We may not be rich in money, but we’re rich in love.' And I felt it all through my childhood. She bought our Christmas presents from thrift stores, every year a new coffee mug from Salvation Army. Now I carry on that tradition with my son and buy a new mug for us every Christmas, to remember where I come from and that it is not the money that makes us, but the struggle, the determination, the love, the perseverance. This track was born from these values - a cry of praise and joy and appreciation – despite what I’ve been through I’m still here. And I’m grateful to be."

"Hell Yeah" is out now.