Following Coach Party's recent success of “Can’t Talk, Won’t”, their new track "Really OK on My Own" is an honest offering from the four-piece. Kicking off with lead vocalist and bassist Jess Eastwood’s vocals front and centre of their signature grunge-pop sound, the lyricism of the band is put to the test here, showcasing a more vulnerable yet entirely relatable side.

The gloriously rousing indie anthem bursts into life with fuzzy guitars and a guitar solo that wouldn’t go amiss on an early Wolf Alice track. Lyrically, the track sees the band explore the pressures of balancing independence within relationships. As Eastwood explains, “It’s all about being so in love with someone, that you start blowing off your friends to spend time with just them.

“However, there’s always that fight, where when you love someone so much, you also think of the possibility of suddenly ‘would you be ok without them?’"

The chorus takes on another angle too, as Eastwood expands that the line "does she even know you’re here?" relates “to a scenario where you’re with someone who’s already with someone else, and you’re always comparing yourself to them: ‘do I make you feel better’. Generally touching base on how complicated love is, and where your thoughts can spiral.”

"Really OK on My Own" is out now via Chess Club Records. Find Coach Party on Instagram.