Branding their rich, musical hybrid as “synthetic soul” - Montreal based collective Chiiild use their project to chronicle their artistic journey - an inherent sense of shared vulnerability at the core of every release.

“Hands Off Me” rumbles with rolling drum patterns and lashes of buttery guitar melodies. Plunging the listener deep beneath its ocean tides, its blissful orchestral rhythms lap gently at the track’s barbed electronic ridges, softening its rough edges.

With a long list of enviable collaborations under their belt, including Jack Ü (the pseudonym Skrillex and Diplo collaborate under) on their Grammy-winning album as well as with Usher, Jacob Banks and Allie X, the collective have created a rich, soulful landscape in which to explore their creativity.

“When you don’t care who’s watching, I don’t care who’s listening”. It’s a defiant statement, one which effortlessly captures the groups musical ethos. Challenging the status quo through creative collaboration.

“Hands Off Me” is out now through Avant Garden, with their debut EP Synthetic Soul set for release 28 February. Find Chiiild on Instagram.