Chandler Juliet is on a journey. Born of a jazz background to a trombonist father and singer and violinist mother, music is in her blood and proved an inevitable path to follow for the Los Angeles-based artist.

Writing songs from the tender age of nine, at this point, Juliet is wholly set on her artistic vision - but that doesn’t mean that she’s ready to compromise her craft. Whilst last year’s EP Elements showcased her thoughtfully understated approach with her jazz-inflected R&B, on new single “Love Language” it’s clear that that period of Juliet’s life is over.

Her biggest sounding song to date, “Love Language” sees the singer-songwriter gleefully shrug off her worries to revel in romance of the pop-fuelled variety. Embracing funky rhythms and solid hooks, it is evident that Juliet’s new outlook is as carefree as it comes as she takes a new approach to relationships, and states to her lover exactly what she wants.

"'Love Language' is a fun, dancey and upbeat anthem and an explanation to my lover what my love languages are: words of affirmation and quality time spent,” shares Juliet of the inspiration behind her new single. “Love and nurturing relationships hugely relies on communication, and that idea sparked writing this song.

“’Love Language' is a whole new and fun side of me coming through in my music,” she continues. “It's playful, fun, flirty, and free - exactly how I feel right now in life and in my artistic creations. I'm so proud of this song and this next batch of music I'm putting out, and am so thrilled to share the next chapter of my evolution as a woman, and as an artist."

“Love Language” is available 25 February. Follow Chandler Juliet on Instagram.