For fans of left-field artists such as Purity Ring and Aurora, Cavegreen's music will hit a wonderful sweet spot - engaging and listenable, yet utterly original. "Witches Dream" is taken from Vita Lucida, the duo's forthcoming album, focused around the human connection with nature. An utterly tantalising taste of what's to come, "Witches Dream" sees the pair offering up their intoxicating cocktail of pop, folk, and electro.

Distorted vocal samples weave in and out of synths before singer Eleanor Murray's crystalline vocals demand the listener's full attention. Encourage to explore electronic music by bandmate Gianluca Bucci, the pair push away from Murray's solo work as an acoustic perfomer. Bucci and Murray share production duties, working together to develop their dreamy electronic soundscapes, pulsing with life beneath their airy vocals.

Vita Lucida is out February 3.