The existential new track from the South London-based Welsh artist Castorp reminisces on the safety of being stuck in a bubble of rose-tinted hindsight.

The chorus' sprightly rhythm guitar jangle echoes the affirmative haze of looking back fondly, while the down-tempo low-key verses restore a sense of pessimism in the state of the world.

"'Last Night On Earth'’s about taking shelter in the past, and having little faith in the present,” explains Davies. “It’s a call out to the hermit in the woods to come out of his cave. It came from a feeling of personal apocalypse, and a fatalistic outlook towards the world and what’s left of it.”

“Last Night On Earth” is Castorp's first track of the year, after a string of releases last year including the psychedelic exploration of low self-esteem on "Cruel Sea".

“Last Night On Earth” is out now, and Castorp will play 22 May at The Islington and 26 June at the Shacklewell Arms. Find Castorp on Facebook.