Described by the band as "a sincere song about finding it hard to be sincere," "The Weight" is an ode to the way we project ourselves, driven by pounding rhythms and distorted refrains, recounted in Cassels' characteristically addictive melodic punk style.

"Generally my default setting when interacting with people is to be sarky and glib," Jim Beck notes of the track's inspiration, "and to be honest I'm usually fine with that, but I think a lot of the time I use it as a coping mechanism to deal with feeling anxious and on edge around people."

"I find it a lot easier to talk openly in songs," he continues, "which I guess is kinda strange, so this song is an attempt at talking openly about being scared to talk openly. There's also a couple of cynical digs at going to the gym and using Twitter in there too."

"The Weight" is the first track to be taken from Foreword, a compilation the band describe as "compiling the various bits and bobs we've put out so far along with three new tracks," set for release next month.

"We're calling it a 'pre-album'," Jim states, "in that our debut album proper should be arriving later this year, and it's the first time we've released anything on proper 12" vinyl which is going to be great."

"Listening back to all of the tracks together we're pretty proud of what we've achieved so far," he enthuses, "but equally it's going to be nice to draw a line under it and look forward to the new stuff, which we're super excited about cracking on with.”

Foreword is released via Big Scary Monsters on 7 April and is available to pre-order now,