“Shangri-La” is the epitome of pop in 2017, combining heavy dance influences with a core of sturdy songwriting and storytelling lyrics. The track tells of the so-named fictional utopia; its delicate guitar giving way to stomping drums that wouldn’t sound out of place at the Glastonbury stage of the same name. As the bass kicks in on the chorus, you’re transported to the same blissful psychedelic paradise to that Scarlett sings of.

“Shangri-La” follows Scarlett’s 2016 releases, “Rust” and “Possession of a Weapon”, and seems to show the singer settling into a style she finds most comfortable. Where “Rust” was stripped back, and “Possession of a Weapon” saw Scarlett dipping her toe into rap-like waters, “Shangri-La”’s confidence has a unique and memorable spark that we'll hopefully see shining through on future releases.

“Shangri-La” is out now.