Broken Bones Matilda's genre is hard to pin down, but the influence of Americana holds sway throughout the "Midnight Creeper"; a stunningly realised effort from the Bath-based group. The haunting narrative of a woman caught in a post-apocalyptic dream world is brought to life in an appropriately spine-tingling manner, with production from Tom Fuller (Tom Walker, Dappy, Gabriella Cilmi) and mixing and engineering from Grammy award-winning engineer Matthew Lawrence. The steady thrum of guitar provides a familiar-feeling backdrop to vocals from lead singer Sarah McGrigor, with subtle harmonies from husband and guitarist Sam Gotley surfacing just beneath.

"Midnight Creeper" is accompanied by a hypnotic video featuring dancer Susan Hoogbergen and filmed by Jeroen van der Poel, that captures the same blend of whimsy and melancholy that Broken Bones Matilda manage to harness within their sound.

"Midnight Creeper" is out now.