The upbeat track pulsates with nostalgic, hazy guitars, leading you into a shimmering pool of glittery flatforms and v-neck shirts.

Barbudo's 70's infused sound rings bright with the summer sun, dancing loosely and elegantly into the sunset. Entwined with ethereal harmonies and a bassline that'll stick in your head, the British trio don't fall short with their latest offering.

Following the success of their last EP Pleasures, the group have decided to carry on with their niche sound.

"We were going go for latin-infused funk vibe, like a blend of Michael Jackson and Santana” explains Ben from the group. "It's a playful confession of secretly liking something that is deemed ‘uncool’ by most people. You might not publicly admit to liking it, but beyond judging eyes you see it for what it is. Like listening to Coldplay when you are sad…”, reveals bandmate Harry.

In April Barbudo won the Record Store Day Unsigned competition. "Secret Admirer" is out now.