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Listen: BLUFRANK - "Lazer Wounds"

11 August 2014, 10:45 | Written by Russell Thomas

Cairo. Difficult to imagine what Cairo sounds like, isn’t it? If you aren’t already acquainted with its relatively small but very interesting music scene, what would you picture to be its sound? A kind of hard dance music with Arabic overtones? Or just straight-up Middle Eastern folk music? (No offence intended! If you asked a general person on the street, I mean, c’mon…)​!

Well, producer BLUFRANK gives us a clue. A masked, nameless man, he’s been getting attention lately for his mind-bending, bass-heavy dance music: a hearty mix of modern production and retro aesthetics. In fact, his Soundcloud bio implies BLUFRANK is a robot, an entity: “created in the future, sent back in time by the last living human beings…to be a reminder of the humanity and the feelings that we lost.”

That kind of conceptual thinking is what makes him, and his music, so endearing. His latest track “Lazer Wounds” comes accompanied with a bit of context: “story about BLUFRANK’s adventure in space to to save a femme fatale, the battle resulted in some lazer wounds.” It’s as simple as that, but the rest is up to your imagination.

Listening to the track, with its virtuoso synth and squelching, rapid-fire bass, its adventurous atmosphere set to pugilistic disco drums – complete, at times, with boogie-on-down cowbell clanking – it’s not hard to imagine BLUFRANK’s dangerous mission in space, dodging lasers in his super-speed spacecraft, rescuing some scantily-clad cosmonaut, which is in itself a nice slice of pulp creativity, fitting his retro sounds.

So this, at least, is what one part of Cairo sounds like. And if BLUFRANK’s ambition and will are as strong as his childlike imagination and his ability to create stories in the form of retro-futuristic nu-disco, then he’ll be ever-widely recognised for his efforts.​

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