The 22-year-old Mexican-Lebanese singer/producer is branching out after wowing fans in Beirut with her electrifying DIY performances and early material.

This first (proper) single sees Fiefer lunge into the big leagues. It's a ballsy, unrepentant explosion of dusky, dirty noises - choral backing vox coo against clicky beats and threadbare bass, while Fiefer glides across the top buoyed by pitchshifted harmonies and otherworldly synth stabs. It's ambitious and visceral; it swaggers with reckless abandon and squares up to your face, daring you to make a move.

Fiefer produced the track with Lilianne Chlela, with Grammy-winning engineer Alex Venguer (Sufjan Stevens, Regina Spektor) on mixing duties.

Debut EP The Prelude, the follow up to last year's The Road To Prelude mixtape, is expected in the near future. Fiefer is touring the UK and US this year, with dates to be revealed shortly.

Listen to "Jukebox" below.