The London-raised, Hong Kong-born bedroom pop producer wants to encourage us all to live in the now. Something that's ever more prevalent to do at times of protest and crisis. Soothing and calming "Up in the Air" is a moment where you can take a breath if you need to.

"Up in the Air is about being in a time of uncertainty: feeling unstable when we are unsure as to how the future will unfold," she explains. "In times like these, it’s important to be kind to ourselves, to be patient. It’s a song that encourages self-care and self-love during a time of uncertainty.”

The ephemeral new track follows last year's cosy EP, a seven-track collection of lo-fi, autobiographical earworms led by "cook4u" where she documents the dinner she's going to cook for her new love interest. Moreover, bb sway's bedroom pop is driven by a need for emotional healing and want to spread that message as far as she can.

"Up in the Air" is out now via Practise Music. Find bb sway on Instagram.