Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett come together to make the soothing sounds of Baseball Game. Drawing on ‘70s soft rock, fuzzy guitars, analogue synths, it’s their heartfelt songwriting that ties everything together. They sound just at home documenting a crush as they do detailing loss, as they do on new single “See You Tomorrow”.

"It all started on guitar when Jason played the progression and as soon as he played the diminished chord, it felt like a Baseball Game song. The lyrics came to us very quickly as we put words to the feeling we both understood.”

On the track’s meaning, the pair explain “it’s about how much people’s presence adds to who we are and when those people are no longer around how much we change without them. This song takes place a couple months after losing someone and wondering what it would be like to see them again.”

A stark assessment of grief which could you hit in a multitude of ways, whether you’re a love one has passed away or you’re struggling to get over an ex, “See You Tomorrow” tries to imagine what meeting that person that changed you so much could feel like. Akin to the desolate world of sadness Phoebe Bridgers creates on her latest album Punisher, melancholy is set to reign on Baseball Game’s first project.

"See You Tomorrow" is out now. Their self-titled EP will be available on 7 August via House Arrest. Find Baseball Game on Instagram.