The creative partnership of Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett, Baseball Game’s signature sound ripples with nostalgia. The duo pulled their name from a defining childhood memory, finding artistic inspiration from a moment of embarrassment rather than fall victim to its vices.

Capturing the tenderness of romantic infatuation and emotional sincerity, “Woman” is a dreamy cut from the Los Angeles-meets-Nashville duo. Filled with velvety guitar licks and woozy synth patterns, the track rocks gently like a warm summer breeze, intoxicated by the heady pollen and dappled sunlight. Carpenter’s vocals ache with romantic desire, longing for snatches of shared moments and enamoured exchanges with a partner.

“‘Woman’ originated from a demo made last spring”, the duo explain of their new single. “We wanted the song musically to feel like we were in a trance, the same way we felt when watching random YouTube videos of people dancing to slow disco from the 70s without sound.

“It’s a moment of desperation and infatuation. The feeling of settling or even reaching for something you weren’t yourself expecting to want.”

"Woman" is available now via House Arrest with the self-titled debut EP to follow 7 August. Follow Baseball Game on Instagram.