Having announced her forthcoming EP Slow Clap with the minimalistic "Mad", Ayelle is back with another snapshot into the heartfelt reflections of her mind.

"Actor" is another minimalistic offering, as Ayelle softly seduces the listener with her soulful, whisper-like demeanour, swaying delicately between reflections over what she deserves and giving in to her desires.

Embossed over a gentle, yet overpowering beat, Ayelle elegantly traces over the bumps and imperfections over the relationship she's personifying.

The subtle invasion of distortion over her voice is well-introduced by producer Bradley Baker, adding a sense of strength and integrity to her words that lay her cards on the table.

As the chorus creeps in the electronica gets slightly more melancholic, particularly as the bass holds its jagged edge while Nakala duets with Ayelle, adding her unique input to the track.

Speaking about the track, Ayelle explains, “I wrote "Actor" with Brad and Nakala a couple of weeks after writing "Mad" about a guy I had been seeing at the time who turned out to be different from what he initially seemed like. I think that’s quite common and especially in today’s hook-up culture where we often treat one another very casually. It’s easy to suddenly find yourself at either end of the spectrum. Nakala was also going through her own thing at the time, which brought another perspective to the song."

"Actor" is available to stream now. Ayelle's Slow Clap EP drops on 24 August.