The Swedish-Iranian singer/songwriter's latest track may not be as sonically dark as previous releases "Issues" and "Machine", but there's still a warning tied up in its lyrics.

"It's about those initial stages of meeting someone new and being intoxicated with them," Ayelle explains. "You then become blind to their flaws and think that there’s nothing that you’d want to change, which usually doesn’t turn out to be the case. It’s sweet and naive but hopeful, that there might be a person who you wouldn’t want to change, and that could share your space without invading it."

Supported by the PRS Foundation and their Women Make Music scheme, "Lacuna" sees Ayelle team up with producer ChenBeats who's responsible for the track's more laidback, slow-burning soundscape which really lets her vocals shine. "I like my space, but I like you in it..." succintly summarises the track's message and that you can both enjoy being alone and with someone at the same time.

"Lacuna" is out now.