After releasing a string of singles earlier this year, burgeoning alt-pop artist AVIV lands with "love of your life", a sonically lighthearted effort exploring the innocence behind young love, as her second release with Photo Finish Records (joan, Marian Hill).

“love of your life” has all the elements that make up a replayable indie hit. AVIV, who also plays guitar and piano, showcases her skills in modest yet grand ways. From beguiling synths and delicate guitar riffs to her lovely and hypnotic vocals, "love of your life’" captivates on all sonic cylinders.

As the track leans into DIY pop (alt, indie, bedroom), the thematic takeaway here is AVIV diving into her personal experiences of dating. “I’m just a teenager who acts much older, still gets excited about little things and really loves to over-analyze her emotions and put them into music,” she shares.

On one hand, she’s only fifteen. On the other hand, AVIV takes an insightful, seasoned approach to songwriting that realises the intoxicating disillusionment of first loves.

On the track, AVIV says, “‘love of your life’ explores the naivety of my first relationship with an older boy and my early need to receive artificial affirmation. As I grew in this relationship, I began to understand that he would say what I wanted to hear. Yet on some absurd level, I still wanted to be bullshitted and it excited me when he said that I was the love of his life.”

“love of your life” is out now via Photo Finish Records. Follow AVIV on Instagram.